Thursday, August 21, 2014

My "Valuable" Lie

Okay, so I wasn't completely honest in my last post. While I did take a break from blogging to spend time with my sweet family, there was another issue going on that I now feel the need to address. It seems much easier to share about challenges I have faced in the past, while keeping current struggles hidden. I am opening myself up because I am certain that others have believed the same lie that I began to accept as truth.

From an early age, I've erroneously believed that my thoughts and opinions are unimportant and therefore felt that my voice didn't matter.  At times, I am fine because I realize that it is not about what I have to say, it is about what God wants to say through me.  It really depends on what I am meditating on at the moment.  After starting my blog back up, I would read other women's blogs and find them to be witty, insightful and deep. Whereas, when compared to mine, I would criticize my own writing as simple and goofy. I began thinking that there are hundreds of amazing Christian blogs out there - there really isn't a need for a mediocre one.

I believe it was Theodore Roosevelt who said "comparison is the thief of joy." Wow, there is so much truth in that. We begin comparing ourselves to one another and never feel like we measure up. That is such a trap from the enemy.

I began to acknowledge what I was feeling, and I sensed the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit saying, "every voice has value." We all have something to say and a realm of influence unlike anyone else. That is part of the beauty of the human experience, and that is what makes each person's voice valuable. I want to encourage you to take the platform God has given you (no matter the size) and speak out the message He has put in your heart. You have something to say that others need to hear. It will look different for each of us, that is why it is so important not to compare. You lose the beauty and originality God has given you when you compare. Speak into the lives of those around you - call out the beauty in those you have influence with. Your voice has value.


Bonita said...

I'm so glad you didn't listen to that lie! Remember that in the Scriptures the gospel story is told by four different people with four different styles. You might share a similar message to what someone else is sharing but nobody can share it the same way you do. And the words you write might resonate with certain people that others can't reach. I, for one, always enjoy and learn from what you write. Please keep writing! xxoo

Sarah said...

Well said. That is a great perspective. Thank you for the encouragement. I always appreciate it.