Thursday, September 4, 2014

Run Into the Storm

This is what the sky looked like last night as I was preparing for my run. I debated on whether or not to venture out that evening, then the thought hit me that I've let fear of storms keep me in my comfort zone for the last few years. It's time for me to run into the storm. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? I would get soaked and HAVE to wash my hair. For those who know me, washing my hair is an issue for me, I schedule my work-outs around my hair washing needs. Yeah, I'm weird, but I own my uniqueness :)

As I was running, I was thinking about how often I have allowed fear to keep me from stepping into the fullness of what God has for me. I had the  Bethel song "You Make Me Brave" playing on repeat while I was out and let it speak to my heart. My favorite line is "You make me brave called me beyond the shore and into the waves. No fear can hinder now the promises You've made." Y'all we've been on the shore for too long.

Step out! Step out into what God is speaking to you. Don't let fear of the storm or all the "what if's" keep you in your comfort zone. This life is not about our comfort. If it was, the moment we received Jesus, we would be taken to heaven. There is a job to do, people to reach. Step out because someone needs what you have on the inside of you.

I finished my run and it began to mist which was actually refreshing. However, when I came inside Kate went into my bathroom and came out with a stick of deodorant because apparently, I didn't smell very refreshing! Thirty minutes after I came inside the skies opened and the rain poured and thunder cracked loudly. I sat inside thankful that I had pushed myself rather than staying in that place of comfort. What is that thing that has been nagging at you to begin but you are fearful that if you step out you may fail? Step out, you have all that you need inside you.

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